These are just some recent samples of the letters riders have been sending us for over 75 years. These people are the reason we continue our mission to enhance and constantly improve your riding experience, from point-of-sale to the wide open road. These unsolicited testimonials were submitted by our customers.

NOTE: National Cycle® windshields and fairings are designed to provide wind protection and increased riding comfort, but not protection in the event of a collision with another vehicle, an animal, or any other object.

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What Our Customers Say About VStream® Windscreens
What FLHT/FLTR Riders Say

"My National Cycle VStream® Windscreen does just what it's supposed to do — keeps rain and wind off me, while looking cool at the same time."

Dave Perewitz, Perewitz Cycle Fabrications

"I've been able to do some riding with my new N20425 VStream®, on my FLT — nothing long distance, mostly just back and forth to work. If it's not raining I ride. This windscreen is a great improvement over the stock screen. It's a lot quieter (don't have to turn the stereo up near as much), sturdier, and there is less wind in my face. I wish I would have gotten the taller one but I'm very happy with it. We'll have temps in the 20's in the morning with a wind chill of zero — I can't wait to get in the wind in the morning. My bike is so much more enjoyable to ride now.

"Thanks again."

Doug, Stockbridge, GA

"My wife and I just completed a 37-day trip. We tallied 7,815 miles in a loop from Cincinnati to San Francisco and back via the northern states on our 2010 Harley-Davidson® Street Glide® with your VStream® Windscreen. What an incredible difference over the factory's miniature screen! No way would we have been happy riders without our VStream for this kind of trip. It ROCKS!"

Jeff & Chris Lucas, Cincinnati, OH

"Well, I picked up my bike today and ran home with the Harley® Wind Splitter™ on. I pulled up the drive and installed the National Cycle VStream®. Right away I noticed the VStream was shorter than the Wind Splitter, BUT a little wider through out as the pictures show.

"I thought with that I would get air directed in my forehead or eyeballs. NOT! The VStream worked incredibly well – the wind was just over the top of my head. I could feel the wind come around the sides as I did with the Wind Splitter, but the VStream did a lot better job.

"The Wind Splitter is a good choice, but you get more buffeting on the sides of your head than with the VStream.

"One thing I thought was funny was that the Harley windshield was taller and had a bigger recurve at the top, but it DID NOT put the wind further over the top of my head. Strange?"


"I'm sending you photos of your VStream® on my custom FLH bagger. VStream blows the competition out of the game. Fair price with class-leading style, performance and quality. By far the best windscreen on the market, period!"

Blaine Hatt

"Throughout the years, I rode without wind protection on the custom bikes I built. As I've aged, I've converted to riding with a windscreen for comfort and protection. My VStream® provides all I need to get to my destination!"

Rikki Battistini, Battistini's Custom Cycles

"The new VStream® Windscreen arrived yesterday and I put it on today. The new VStream is so crystal clear that it's hard to get a picture that makes it really visible.

"I rode for about an hour and a half after installing the new VStream and it really works well. I'm interested to see how my wife likes it from the passenger seat on my 2011 FLTRU, but that will be a while because she doesn't ride with me in winter.

"Thanks again."

Steve Goss, Hollywood, Maryland

"This VStream works like a windscreen should."

John Parham, J&P Cycles Founder, Anamosa, IA

"I just purchased an N20405 VStream® Low for my 2008 FLHT.

"I was running another well-known aftermarket screen on my bike. as it was made out to be the greatest.

"Well, after fitting my new VStream and doing a quick 200km run to try it, I can say that I am really pleased with the result. I am 6'1" tall and have a Mustang seat and until now I have put up with bloody annoying wind buffeting right at my goggle/eye line... but not anymore.

"The VStream is really well constructed, takes two minutes to fit, is considerably cheaper than other brands and is just great.

"Buy one and see for yourself.


Ben, Australia

"I have a 2008 FLHT Harley-Davidson®, and I have been running a Klock Werks® 10" windscreen and must say it not a bad product. I first saw your N20405 VStream® when I was in Daytona this Spring and have been thinking about getting one for some time. I purchased the VStream last week and rode about 2,800 miles with new windscreen. I can only tell you that the Klock Werks in no way compares to the VStream. The airflow over and around the VStream is about 4 to 5 times better. I work at a bike shop and own a 1951 wishbone frame bobber 96" Shovelhead motor, a 2003 FXLR, a 1994 FLHSTC and a 2008 FLHT and ride some 25,000 plus miles a year, so I think that makes somewhat of a rider who knows what he is talking about. I would tell any customer to buy the VStream over the Klock Werks any day."


"The VStream® I ordered for my 2008 FLTR Road Glide® proved to be a success. The air disturbance I experienced with the stock windscreen disappeared. The stock screen forced me to wear a helmet with a face shield to keep the wind turbulence from ripping my sunglasses off. I am 6'4" in height, and the VStream windscreen solved my dilemma. I can now also enjoy the secondary benefit of finally being able to listen to the radio with clarity, made possible by the lack of wind disturbance and buffeting from the stock windscreen.

"Thanks again for a product which meets, and delivers what was promised."

Vincent Koeppen

"The FLHT VStream® Low makes the bike look cooler and gives it a little more flavor. The wind deflects over my helmet and I can ride with my visor open. If you don't feel ANY wind you ain't ridin'. This windscreen gives me some wind, but not the buffeting."

Randy King, Ohio

"I ride an FLHX Street Glide™ with the OEM windscreen and the wind noise is unbearable. The VStream® difference is like night and day. I really have no complaints. You can definitely hear the stereo a lot louder and the price was fair. Your company is a great company."

Robert Wood, New Jersey

"I bought your standard height VStream® for my FLHT. I took the bike to the lake, about a 70-mile round trip (65 to 95 mph). There was much less buffeting on my head. I think I might also get the VStream Low version for around town."

Steve Collin

Dave Perewitz

Dave Perewitz

Jeff & Chris Lucas





Rikki Battistini

Steve Goss

What Gold Wing Riders Say

"I have a 1998 Gold Wing GL1500 SE. I recently had to replace my stock windscreen because of a crack. Naturally, I looked on the Steve Saunders GoldWing Forum that I am a member of to search for answers. I found many recommendations for replacement windscreens. After much consideration, I elected to purchase the VStream®. Wow, what a difference! My wife says there is much less wind turbulence in the back seat, and I noticed much less wind and noise. The optics are superior, and I love that the vent is higher and I get fresh air right on my face. When I upgrade to a GL1800 in the next year or two, the first thing I will do is replace the stock windscreen with a VStream.

"Thank you for designing a great product at a great price."

Michael Coleman

"Rode home to Joliet from your factory today with the new VStream® windscreen installed on my 2000 Honda GL1500. Here's my initial observations:

"Aerodynamically, this windscreen is a '10'. Gone is the feeling of pushing a barn door down the road. I kicked it up to 80MPH on I-55 and I could actually tell that the stock windscreen was gone. I've got 98,000+ miles on this bike and I'm very familiar with it's handling characteristics. The front end feels a little lighter and more nimble. My suspicion is that this is due to a more aerodynamic shape and to the increase in slope.

"This screen is definitely more solid than the OEM screen. It's fairly windy out and going 80MPH creates its own wind. The windscreen is very stable.

"Optics are first rate. Looking through this screen is like looking through glass. Same reason I bought your Plexifairing for my Honda 550 thirty-one years ago."

Tom Sharpe, Illinois

"I recently bought the VStream® Special Edition Windscreen for my Honda® GL1800 Gold Wing in March. I haven't had time to give you some feedback until now. I just returned from a 3,200 mile trip through England, France, Belgium, Switzerland and Italy. I have to say the windscreen worked perfectly. The bike was very stable when passing trucks on the freeway. Visibility is excellent in both dry and wet conditions, and not much wind on the rider or passenger. Your windscreen, and a steering damper I fitted to the bike, are the best modifications to the bike so far. Thanks a lot for a great product -- keep up the good work."

James Devereux, Wexford, Ireland

"G'day from Down Under,

"I recently purchased your VStream® Windscreen for my 2010 Honda® GL1800.

"All I can say is... WOW... it works. Much quieter than the original and my pillion rider is very happy (most important!) as she receives virtually NO buffeting at any speed. The VStream made our just-completed 6-day trip through the mountains an even better experience than it would have been without it... and It LOOKS GREAT too.

"Thanks, might even get one for my R1150RT."

Paul Rayment, Victoria, Australia

"The N20012A VStream® Windscreen for my Gold Wing® is fantastic! It is everything advertised and more. It really does work well!"

Harry, West Virginia

"My wife and I just completed a 37-day trip. We tallied 7,815 miles in a loop from Cincinnati to San Francisco and back via the northern states on our 2010 Harley-Davidson® Street Glide® with your VStream® Windscreen. What an incredible difference over the factory's miniature shield! No way would we have been happy riders without our VStream for this kind of trip. It ROCKS!"

Jeff & Chris Lucas, Cincinnati, OH

"I have had my VStream® Special Edition Windscreen for about three weeks now. I have to say it is a definite improvement over the OEM GL1800 windscreen. I was happy with the OEM and only replaced it because it seemed to be de-laminating or peeling on the inside. I am glad that I have the VStream. I have less helmet buffeting now. I ride with the vent open to the first detent and that seems to be even better.

"I have ridden it in the rain only once, but it sheds the rain much better than the OEM screen. The bugs seem to come off easier also. If anything happens to this VStream, I will be purchasing another."

Joe, Modesto, CA

"We at Sunrise Honda have had a customer that just returned from a trip to Houston, riding a GL1800 Trike. He was tooling along and a BRICK came flying from the truck in front of him and, without hitting the ground first, it hit his VStream® Windscreen just above the vent.

"It bent the windscreen back so far that he said he felt the screen graze his chin. Then the windscreen bounced back into place and did not even receive a scratch! 'WOW', he said, 'what a windscreen!' Thanks for a great product!"

Tim Holland

"I just got the VStream® for my '03 Gold Wing and its a lot better than the stock screen. The VStream does wobble a little more than the stock screen , but I cracked the vent open and a lot of it went away. The wind protection is great. My wife and I ride together a lot and we don't feel any buffeting. I think the VStream looks great and performs very well. I'm very happy with the screen."


"Just installed my new VStream® windscreen today. Looks much cooler than stock. Rode first with the screen most of the way down and noticed significantly less buffeting than stock at 65 to 70MPH, and so did my wife. Even at 75MPH, the ride was much better. Really, turbulence around my head was nonexistent and I have a pretty big head! Did not notice that much flexing.

"Raised it to full height and hit the big black top. At 80MPH, there was much more flexing and when in traffic, all the more. BUT!... much less buffeting than stock. The wife noticed this, saying "much better". Found that I enjoyed the high speeds much better with this screen.

"This is the screen I have been looking for! Two thumbs up from me and the wife. I know it flexes some at high speeds, but there is a lot of wind at high speeds! As long as it holds up I am very pleased!"


"STOCK vs. TULSA vs. VSTREAM... all in the same day.

"We have been using two Tulsa® windscreens on our '01 Wing for the past eight years now. The stock windscreen caused way too much buffeting for the wife, who is only 5' tall. First we got the Tall Tulsa, which wasn't quite enough for her, then to the X-Tall Tulsa, which worked out well.

"Note that the Tulsa is a one-position only windscreen and the others were mounted in the full-up positions to equalize the results. The whole test was aimed at finding the best of the three for the wife in the passenger seat where the wind noise and buffeting is by far the worst.

"Today started out with the modified Tulsa X-Tall, which causes a lot of wind noise for both of us, with the worst being for the wife. The wind buffeting was minimal for both of us.

"The Tulsa was removed and the stock Honda unit re-installed. At 35MPH the wife started complaining about buffeting and a lot more wind noise. At highway speed, she was ready to get off the bike and walk home. I had forgotten how much she complained eight years ago about the stock windscreen.

"Off came the stock windscreen and on went the VStream®, which I borrowed from Doyne at APEX Sports, and off we went again. The wife reported that the buffeting was gone at highway speeds, even when we were in some semi-truck wind wakes.

"In the process of testing the total comfort level, she reported that there was still some wind noise coming off of the sidecar from the right, but it was better than the Tulsa... AND that she could hear the radio much better in her headset than any other arrangement so far. After today's test rides, I asked the wife which of the four windscreens should stay on the bike: either of the Tulsa's, the stock OEM or the VStream.

"And she voted for... the VStream.

"By the way, I wasn't bothered by the slight vibration of either the stock or VStream windscreens, which is normal with polycarbonate compared to the more rigid acrylic Tulsa. I expect that when the sidecar is removed again, the problems the wife had noted with wind from the right side will go away and she will be totally comfortable. As it is, the VStream has minimized the issues for her with the Hack bolted up.

"As a result of today's test runs, APEX Sports may not get their VStream back!"

Jerry Roebke,

"I just installed a new VStream® windscreen by National Cycle. My stock windshield was a bit cloudy and, being a 2001, it didn't have a vent. So I decided to upgrade. Looked long and hard and finally decided to try the VStream.

"First, I have to tell you how much I like the look of this thing. The lines and angles are definitely sharp looking. More importantly, I love how this thing cuts through the wind. I was looking for a shield that I could look over but still blow the air past me, and this really does that. First time out I lifted up my hand to see where the air stream was, and it was way out to the side and a good 6" over my head (I am 6'1"). I feel it really reduced the buffeting.

"I would definitely recommend this windshield."

BPJen, New Jersey

Michael Coleman

Tom Sharpe

What FJR1300 Riders Say

"The VStream® arrived on Wednesday and was promptly installed on my 2007 FJR1300. Today I was able to ride in some very strong winds to test it out on my daily commute

"What a difference, in so many ways! No flexing of the shield and no turbulence. I can finally ride with my visor in the "full up" or "partly up" position without the wind closing it for me. This will be a very welcome addition to my ride to Alaska in June, as well as my daily commute. I'm very impressed!"

Kevin Nichols, Keller, Texas

"I ride a 2010 Yamaha® FJR1300A, and I equipped this motorcycle with National Cycle's VStream® Windscreen because it came with a 3-Year Unbreakable Warranty. When I bought the windscreen, I wasn't as concerned about the warranty as I was the safety this windscreen could provide against any unintended sudden impacts! Little did I know the value of this safety until a recent trip to Florida.

"I was riding south on Interstate 95 near Brunswick, Georgia. I was in the middle lane and a small stake truck was in the right lane. The truck hit a major bump in the road, and I thought I saw something come flying off the back the truck, hit the ground, and bounce back up! My thoughts turned to reality when I heard the sound of what I would later discover was a piece of pipe crashing against the windscreen. The VStream did its job by deflecting the pipe away from me and my head, but it did leave two-inch wide scratch on the screen.

"So that purchase I made in National Cycle's VStream Windscreen turned into a priceles investment a few weeks later.

"Not only does National Cycle make an unbreakable windscreen, they provided superior customer service when I called and explained what had happened, and I am more than satisfied with the outcome.

"Thanks again for the great product and superior customer service!"

Steve Bennett, Hershey, PA

"I purchased a VStream® for my 2008 Yamaha FJR this past winter and I installed it a couple of weeks ago. Now that I've had a chance to do some riding, I had to let you know I much I appreciate your product. It has really elevated my enjoyment of riding and I could never go back to the stock windshield. Keep up the good work!"


What ST1300 Riders Say

"I am a Police Department Motor Officer. I am 6' 3" tall and I purchased the VStream® to keep the wind off of my shoulders when riding. I have used the VStream for a week now and I am VERY impressed with the quality and performance. Immediately after installing the VStream I jumped on the freeway and was amazed at the difference. It felt like I was traveling around 60mph, but I was traveling much, much faster. Wind buffeting has been drastically reduced.

"I expected that there would be a reduction in stability at high speeds, due to the greater surface area, but the opposite is true. The bike is actually more stable and much more enjoyable to ride. I can still hear the wind, but I can't feel it.

"Something I didn't realize is that the quality of the material makes for a much clearer and 'crisper' view through the VStream, which is great for slow speed turns or maneuvers. It almost appears that there is nothing there to distort the view. We ride over and around all kinds of obstacles during a shift and the lack of distortion makes a huge difference. I especially like the smooth air-flow when the VStream is at the lower settings. Here in Texas we run the windscreens low to keep cool, and with the old screen this would cause extreme buffeting. The VStream seems to guide the air, giving a smooth flow to the rider.

"I am very happy with the VStream and it absolutely, positively reduces my level of fatigue.Thanks for making such a great product."

Satisfied Customer, Texas

"Just changed out my stock ST1300 windshield for a VStream®. I have had about six weeks with it so far and I have been pleased with the results. Definitely greater wind protection with no erosion of performance."

Fred Jones, Ottawa ON, Canada

What Concours Riders Say

"I bought a VStream® for my '09 Kawasaki® Concours and I am happy to report that it made a sensational difference in the rideability. I am five-ten and a little long in the body, so I sit like a six-footer. This marvelous product works so well I can cruise all day with absolutely no buffeting. I wear eye protection but you can ride without it just fine. It is a breath of fresh air to find a product that surpasses my expectations."

Gary Romane, Bandera, Texas

"I purchased a VStream® windscreen for my Concours 1400, and I have to tell you it beats the pants off the Cee Bailey® I had on the bike. I only wish I had heard about you all first. It is not only wider, but taller where it counts for a 6'2" guy, and is a major improvement over what Cee Bailey afforded me. Not near as much buffeting and better protection all around. Kudos to you! Now if I could only figure how to get my money back for the old one..."

Don Benjamin

What V-Strom Riders Say

"I bought my Suzuki® V-Strom 1000 two years ago and have put about 24,000 miles on it. I rode it about 1,000 miles with the stock windscreen and felt the wind protection was inadequate. I saw a new Givi® windscreen that was a two-piece design that could be adjusted up and down 4-6 inches to the point where you could look through it in the highest position, but it still had a lot of buffeting and turbulence.

"I then went back to the stock screen and installed a laminar lip which was much lower then the Givi shield and the buffeting and turbulence was improved but still not the results I was hoping for. I then decided to try National Cycle's new VStream® Windscreen because I ride mostly highway miles and found that I could adjust it in the lower position on the V-Strom's two-position stock bracket and easily look over the windscreen without the buffeting and turbulence of the other two screens.

"I can now feel the airstream go over the top of my helmet and I can even wear a cap without it getting blown off — even though I wouldn't recommend riding without a helmet. I noticed that it is much quieter and is distortion-free and creates no effect on the bike's handling at expressway speeds up to triple digits. I also noticed when I get through riding after a long day, you can see the bugs on the shield follow the direction of the airflow of the VStream shape pushing off to the sides of the screen. Without a doubt, this is the best windscreen that I've had on my V-Strom."

Richard Somolik

"Let me first say that this is my third aftermarket windscreen for my V-Strom and it is the best so far.

"The new VStream® mounted up very easily and all the holes matched up. No new hardware is needed. Just take off the OEM screen and install the VStream using the same screws as the stock screen uses. Heading out today in 35 degrees was refreshing as my heated gear kept me toasty warm. I was looking forward to the taller windscreen keeping the cold wind out of my eyes and down my neck. It did in spades. I normally ride with my helmet face shield open to get fresh air, but had to deal with the loud wind roar, but not this time. Truly the only sound I heard on this ride along the Spokane river was as much engine noise as wind, but no head-bobbling dirty air.

"This National Cycle VStream was optically as good or better than any other shield I have used. Far less noise and buffeting than either the Cee Bailey® or MRA shield I previously had installed on my 2003 DL1000.

"The design works better than any aftermarket V-Strom screen I've used so far. In fact, the more I look at it the more I like it. This one is a keeper."

Nathan, Spokane, WA

Richard Somolik

What NC700X Riders Say

"I received the VStream® Windscreen about a week ago. I mounted it on my Honda® NC700X and I love it! I have logged approximately 200 miles with the new screen, and I am so glad I went with National Cycle.

"The form of the windscreen creates an envelope of relatively quiet air around the rider. Well engineered and thought out! The mounting system is much sturdier than others, and I feel completely safe in that other screens do not have a mounting system that seems safe to me. Job well done. Thanks."

Mike Owens

"I've been riding with my new VStream® Windscreen for about a week. As a matter of fact, I just took a 50-mile ride through Los Angeles this morning and what a difference my VStream Touring N20009 Windscreen makes for my 2012 Honda® NC700X! It was totally worth the wait. I am spoiled once again by your products. The installation was super-easy and all of the hardware was of the highest quality. Thanks again."

Stephen Fay

"Already have my N20009 VStream® Windscreen for my NC700X, and I LOVE it! Thanks for making such great products."


Mike Owens

What Triumph Tiger Riders Say

"Just an e-mail to tell you I am very happy with the new VStream® Windscreen for my Triumph® Tiger 800. Easy assembly and quality materials make this a top-of-the-line product. I also have a VStream for my BMW® RT and it is the one aftermarket product that I could not live without. I should also mention that the steel mounting bracket for my Tiger's VStream really adds to the strength. You guys did great. Keep up the excellent work."

Burton Brown

What Boulevard Riders Say

"I just wanted to write to tell you that you folks make a superior product. I bought a Light Tint Tour VStream® Windscreen for my 2008 Suzuki M109 and I love it. It is exactly what I'd hoped for. It blends in so well with the bike that you hardly notice the thing, but take it out on the highway and you really notice how well it splits the wind. This windscreen greatly reduces the wind buffeting and does not obstruct your view.

"I can now go on long rides without getting beaten up by the wind. It is the best and I love it. Thanks!"

Jeff Conrad

"I just took delivery of a VStream® windscreen for my Suzuki M90. I was referred to you from a friend at WestEnd Motorsports. You guys are spot-on: the delivery was quick and it arrived in excellent condition. The screen looks awesome! The wind deflection is extremely good. Thanks again!"


What More Riders Say

"Last Friday I installed my new 22" VStream® Windscreen on my 2008 Suzuki® Bandit 1250. I am 6'3" and found the stock shield way too small. I took the bike out that night with the temperature at 45 degrees. As usual at that temperature, I also put my electric vest on, expecting to have to turn it on to keep warm. Wow, was I surprised — no need to turn the vest on. Your windshield did as promised. It keeps all the wind off of my upper body and it also deflects it over my helmet and doesn't cause cold air to dump down the back of my neck.

"Thank you for the well-designed product. I will recommend your products and company to all of my riding buddies."

Craig Scott, Guelph, ON, CA

"I can now go on long rides without getting beaten up by the wind. It is the best and I love it. Thanks!"

Jeff Conrad

"The bike rides steadier and truer. The VStream® windscreen provides a quiet pocket of air and the clarity is great. I put my windscreen on my friends' bikes and let them take it for a ride. As soon as they came back, they simply said, 'order me one!'

"The clarity of the windscreen has absolutely no distortion. I had a 9" windscreen before because I did not want to look through the screen, but I actually like looking through the 13" VStream because the optics are so good. This is the single most effective thing you can do for the bike for less wind turbulence and noise. The VStream actually makes the bike ride easier, and it goes down the road with less effort. At 65-75pmh you don't have to work as hard to ride the bike because the bike doesn't move around as much.

"Overall, the VStream provides a calmer, quieter, and more pleasant riding experience.

"We rode in the rain at 75mph for over 50 miles and the VStream shape of the windscreen actually reduced the amount of water coming over the screen and falling into my lap. This makes riding in the rain much easier."

Gary Duckworth

"Just put the new VStream® on yesterday! Wow, what a difference! No (that's right, NO) back pressure at all. From 30MPH through 80MPH the turbulence is exactly where you said it would be - about one foot to each side, and probably a foot above my head. It's amazing!

"The best thing is that the passenger is also in quiet air. My wife is so pleased her head isn't bobbing around at interstate speeds and causing neck strain. The optics are good and, when running twisties, I don't feel I need the screen all the way down to see the road in front of me."

Satisfied Customer, Spokane, WA

What Our Customers Say About Wave® Windscreens

"National Cycle products are top-shelf. Their polycarbonate windshields are high quality and super tough! My racing career taught me safety first. That's why, on the street, I would never run anything other than the best – National Cycle Windshields!"

Jared Mees, Professional Flat Track Racer, 2012 AMA Grand National Champion

"As a custom bike builder, I have to keep my standard of perfection pretty high to be competitive. National Cycle's windshields have set the standard for innovative design and quality manufacturing. That's why I have partnered with them for over ten years."

Ken Steenrod, Ken's Custom Paint & Graphics

Jared Mees

Ken Steenrod

What Our Customers Say About Spartan® Windshields

"The Spartan® is by far the nicest quality windshield I've ever used. It goes on and off very easily, it's extremely scratch resistant, and it blocks the wind just great."

Nichole Cheza, Professional Flat Track Racer

Nichole Cheza

What Our Customers Say About SwitchBlade® Windshields

"I just installed a SwitchBlade® windshield on my new Yamaha V-Star 1300 and I have to tell you it was one of the best aftermarket products I have ever worked with. The fit and finish was perfection at its best. The installation for me was about 30 minutes. I only have one complaint. After the shield was put on I had to take it for a test ride. The problem is that I cook dinner and the shield worked so well I had a hard time coming home. Ended up eating a sandwich. My 5'7" frame gave me no wind buffeting. The change from no shield to SwitchBlade shield was best by more then 100%. Thanks again!"

Phil, Illinois

"I have been the proud and happy owner of your SwitchBlade® 2-Up® windshield for several years now.

"Last week on my way to Little Sturgis, Kentucky, I was following an old pickup truck with a load of wood pallets. The top pallet fell off nearly in front of me. It took one bounce, struck my front fender a glancing blow, and then hit the windshield. I decided to just hang on tight, lay as low on the tank as I could, and pray. I felt something brush my helmet and did not realize what happened until I had the bike stopped at the side of the road to collect my thoughts and take inventory of my body parts.

"I surmised that the pallet glanced off the front fender, and then hit the windshield. The windshield absorbed the blow and flexed just enough to bend and touch my helmet. Not a scratch on me or the helmet! A small scrape on the paint and several scratch marks on the windshield. It did NOT break. I do believe it saved me from some serious injury or possible death."

Joe, Dubuque, IA

"I would very much like to express our extreme satisfaction with our latest windshield purchase. Last year we purchased a SwitchBlade® Shorty® windshield and were more than happy with the performance of this product. Not only did it make our rides more comfortable, it makes the bike look even better. When you recently came out with your SwitchBlade Chopped™ windshield, my husband thought it would be worth a try. He was right! Due to the fact that my husband is only 5' 5" tall, your largest windshield was not really an option for us. The new Chopped windshield is exactly level and even with the tip of his nose and he feels totally comfortable when riding.

"I have also noticed a difference when we ride together. Even at ninety miles per hour, it is stable, and there is very little buffeting behind the windshield! The gentleman who took our order over the phone was very nice and he did not lie when he said we would enjoy our purchase. We just wanted to say thank you, to your sales people and everyone in your company for making such quality products."

Satisfied Customer

"Took your advice and added both the SwitchBlade® Windshield and the Chrome Lowers at the same time. What a difference it makes to the ride!"

Dan Dolfin,

Rally Customer

Rally Customer

Forum Rider

What Our Customers Say About Heavy Duty™ Windshields

"I own a Honda Valkyrie with one of your Heavy Duty™ Windshields. I was traveling across the Howard Franklin Bridge in Tampa, Florida when a vehicle directly in front of me had a ball peen hammer fall from it and hit the pavement ahead of me. I had absolutely no time to execute any sort of evasive action. The hammer bounced up and hit my windshield dead center just above the crossbar at around 75MPH. Thanks to the durability of that shield, myself and my passenger were unhurt! The shield absorbed the impact and deflected the hammer away.

"A further testament to the durability of your product is that, upon later inspection, the windshield had sustained no damage, not even a scratch! This was a $200 product that in all likelihood saved my life and the life of my passenger.

"I assure you that in any future windshield purchases, I will accept nothing but a National Cycle windshield. A tremendous thanks to your company and to your design and manufacturing people... I owe them my life!"

Jeff, Florida

"While riding to work on my 1996 Kawasaki Vulcan 750, I was hit in the windshield by a 165-pound deer. It had been hit by an oncoming SUV and thrown airborne into my lane. It was high enough to clear the bike headlight, so my National Cycle Heavy Duty™ windshield took the entire force of the impact. The windshield flexed but did not break, and sent the body of the deer flying over my head. The impact pushed my handlebars down three inches and broke the left mirror but kept the deer off me. I maintained control and didn't even lay the bike down!

"After stopping the bike and collecting my thoughts, I rode back home and ordered an exact replacement for the Heavy Duty. I immediately mounted it on the bike, along with a new set of mirrors. When you find something this good, I think you'd better stay with it!"

Satisfied Customer, Churchville, VA

"Just wanted to let you know that I installed your Touring Heavy Duty™ on my Honda Shadow yesterday, and it is great. Installation was a breeze and the adjustments to fine tune the install worked out well. Thanks for a great product!"

Ted, Pennsylvania

"I ordered a Ranger Heavy Duty™ for my Honda VT750 Shadow A.C.E. I got it and installed it – nice product. It was money well spent, for a change."

Jim, California

"The Billet Trim and the Holdster™ went on my Heavy Duty™ Windshield quickly and smoothly. I experienced no problems, and the finished product looks A-1."

Roy, Wisconsin

What Our Customers Say About Dakota™ Windshields

"I just purchased a Dakota Windshield. It was very easy to install. It looks great, keeps the bugs off, and really makes my bike stand out. I own a 1996 Shadow A.C.E. and the Dakota looks just right. Thanks again."

Steve, Illinois

What Our Customers Say About Gladiator® Windshields

"I've got the National Cycle Gladiator® on my bike. The mounting is really quite good, better than OEM stuff, and it's well made. Fully adjustable for height and rake. Minimal area coverage but works quite well and doesn't look too dorky. Has specific XR1200 mounts so its not some universal piece of junk. I give it two thumbs up!"


"The National Cycle Gladiator® is a good all-round windscreen. When my bike was naked, it was very uncomfortable at highway speeds because various muscles are trying to compensate for the wind blast. The Gladiator, though relatively small, changed all that. It is not noisy, nor has it effected the handling of the bike. The mounting brackets look good although they are a tight fit. This and the instrument cluster limits the range of adjustability, but a good compromise position is possible. I really like mine; very functional."


"The Gladiator® was one of the best things i put on the bike."


"Had to ride home from Americade on my 2004 Dyna Low Rider® in the rain and the Gladiator® Windshield actually helped a lot. I like that the shield is so small but still gives me good wind protection."

Kathy Renaud

"Does ABSOLUTLEY what I need it to do! It's the perfect size and provides great wind protection!"

Joy Farmer

"I installed your Gladiator® Windshield on my wife's 2006 XL883L, and she loves it. I've ridden with it also and really enjoy it. It keeps the wind off my chest and clean air on my full face helmet. We really like how the Gladiator looks and how the wrinkle black matches the bike's finish."

Dan Int-Hout

"It's on my 2003 XL1200C and it works. I installed it himself – the instructions were easy to follow and I had no problems."

Robert Gnage

"The Gladiator® Windshield keeps the air off my chest and still allows air to get to my face, which is nice. It's a smaller shield and that is what I wanted."

Rick Hanna

"I've put a couple thousand miles on my 2009 Street Bob since installing your Gladiator® Windshield. I like the adjustability and I'm VERY happy with the shield."

Alan Brinkline

"It's perfect! I had installed it on my 2007 Fat Boy™ in just a matter of minutes. Everything lined up great. A lot of friends have seen it and they thought it was really cool. It's my first windshield and it is just the look I wanted."

James Lawson



What Our Customers Say About Flyscreen® Windshields

"I purchased a Flyscreen Windshield in light tint for my 2005 Honda® Rebel and I have to say your quality is excellent. Fit and finish is second to none, and its clean lines make my bike look like a million bucks. It certainly touches the visual sweet spot. It actually reduces the wind a lot more then I thought it would, and for those of us who don't care for huge windshield on our bikes but want a bit of wind reduction, this is the only choice. Thanks again."


"I just received the Flyscreen I ordered from my dealer for my Sportster® 883R and was impressed by the quality and craftsmanship. Excellent job! It fits my bike very well. The guy who designed the Flyscreen should be knighted!"


"Yesterday I purchased and installed a National Cycle Flyscreen® for my '73 XS650.

"I just wanted to comment on the high quality of the item itself, in terms of fit and finish (mine is the headlight mount/light tint version), as well as the e-mail assistance I received when I was considering this purchase.

"I am aware of the preferences from rider to rider, which is to be expected. What I was after, though, was something small that would basically just 'split' the airstream a bit, and contribute to the cafe-roadster appearance that I'm trying to achieve with my bike. I'll have to road test, but the quality and aesthetic parts are covered.

"So, shout out for National Cycle!"

TC, XS650 Forum, Maryland

What Our Customers Say About Street Shields™

"Last night I put my new Street Shield EX™ on my Honda® and it was amazing! I was riding down the highway and it felt so much more comfortable not to have that wind in my face! Thank you very much.

Seth, Illinois

"I am sure you get your fair share of e-mails that grump, crab or even swear! THIS is not one of them. Its my story.

"I had open heart surgery. When they did that, they cracked my chest cavity open from top to bottom like a chicken, breaking two vertebra in my neck while at it. This dislocated my ulnar nerve (crazy bone in the elbow) and I required three additional surgeries to put me back together SOMEWHAT pain free. A neck fusion, elbow reconstruction and carpel tunnel surgery. Needless to say, as a Sportster® rider I thought my riding days were over. I always ran stripped down bikes, naked if you will.

"So, this spring, MyLady suggested I look into a windshield. I snapped back something to the effect 'Let's just put a GRILL cover over the Sporty and call it a day!' (She IS a Saint and smiled, walking away). I did MyLady's research and grew fond of your StreetShield EX™ windshield. I sold off some other stuff laying around, and ordered one from Leather Up (company plug, good guys). It came in two days, and 15 minutes later, was on the bike.

"First ride. WOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! NO chest pressure, less arm fatigue, elbow was not aching. I could go with a lighter helmet and eye protection because of less wind drag. The bike STILL handled like a million bucks, the night FLEW by and I needed another. MyLady said it had been a LONG time since she had seen me sleep with a smile. Two more rides... BEST rides of many many years! I can ride almost PAIN FREE! While I know you cannot relate to the pain I have been in, suffice to say I am riding with a smile, rather then constant road rage!

"I cannot thank you enough to have provided an American-made windshield that fits my Sportster, looks great, AND provides such great protection! NO more naked riding for THIS ol' boy!

"Next? NIGHT LIGHTS so I can ride evenings with the animals around here! And YUP, YOU will be getting my order!

"The down side? I believe, having looked at the hardware of your rigs, that I will not have to buy another windshield for many many years to come. I regret that I have but one windshield to buy for my Harley! :)

"In all seriousness, THANK you from the bottom of my heart, you gave me my riding back! Here are a couple of quick shots. Feel free to use this e-mail, the photos, or contact me for MORE praise, and thank you!"

Ray Neuman


Ray Neuman

What Our Customers Say About Deflector Screens™

"Finally, a decent windscreen that works. National Cycle just released the Deflector Screen DX™ model for the Honda Fury. I got the tinted version. They are great to deal with, too. I took the Fury on a 400+ mile round trip ride up the coast to Cape Canaveral last weekend. Man, no more wind buffeting. My arms weren't fatigued. Highly recommend them.

"For all you purists out there, I know it's hard to envision a screen on that beautiful bike. I was going to sell the bike if I couldn't enjoy the ride. Now, I wouldn't part with it."


"Just in time for the cold weather, I got the Deflector Screen™ I ordered from my dealer. It can get really cold up here without a windshield. You really live up to your reputation for customer service. Thanks so much!"

James, Edmonton, Canada

"With the National Cycle Deflector Screen™ and Hand Deflectors on my GS500 (the queen of the Suzuki GS's), all the people look at my bike at stoplights, and other riders on better motorcycles stop and check me out. It makes my cycle a star performer!"

Santiago, Colombia

"I have National Cycle's N2590 Deflector Screen™ on my Suzuki DRZ400. I have used it for almost 20,000 miles and love it. I would not ride without it. It comes off in less than a minute. It's an inexpensive shield, too."




What Our Customers Say About F-Series™ Sport Screens

"I just fitted the F-Series™ F-16 Windscreen to my 1996 Suzuki® Bandit, and I think it looks quite sporty. Fits perfect, easy to install, cheap, and gives the bike a slightly more aggressive look.

Bjørn Thomassen

"I recently purchased and installed your F-Series™ F-18 Tour shield. It is a very attractive windshield and looks great on my Kawasaki ZR-7. It works well enough to keep the windblast off my chest. Thanks!"

Peter, Virginia

"Why not remove the Suzuki DRZ headlight shroud and mount an F-Series™ F-15 to the headlight bracket?

"There, I've done it... all the wind protection you'll ever need on a DRZ,... trail-approved, even.

"Wind protection is surprisingly good. Since there is lots of room for airflow to balance out around the headlight, there isn't much buffeting effect. Shoulders and chest get plenty of wind protection, helmet gets clean air, and there is even enough room for me to duck my whole helmet behind the screen if I need to.

"Since my body measurements are unlike no other, your own result may vary."





What Our Customers Say About Plexifairing™ and Plexistar™ Windshields

"I can't say enough about your Plexifairing3™ windshield! I started from home, thinking I would take a short run to see how the shield holds up. I am into Pascal's Law and I thought for sure this windshield would not hold up at higher speeds. I was wrong! Somehow amidst the pounds of force that the wind whips up, this shield gracefully held up and dished it out! Dude! It's 50 degrees here in Illinois. And I had no gloves! I never thought that I would see this day. This shield turned my motorcycle into a pup!

"Without 'wind fatigue' at first, I almost got into trouble with the law. It felt like 25 when I was doing 50. I had to watch the speedometer more. This is my second year on a bike and I wish I had a windshield for the first year! By the way, I ride year-round. Screw the temperature. If the road is mostly empty of snow, I ride and go Gung Ho!"

George Gatzonis, Illinois

"I purchased a Plexifairing3™ for my son's motorcycle. We wanted to let you know that we were very impressed with the quality and style. It looks great on his Suzuki GS650. Thanks again and continued success with your quality products."


"I bought one of your Plexistar2™ fairings for our Honda VT700 Shadow. Not only was it simple to fit, but I was amazed at the quality. My screens my husband and I have bought over the years can't hold a candle to National Cycle – nothing before even remotely compares, yours is the best by far. We ride a lot, and your Plexistar fairing performs magnificently.

"We recently rode the Autobahn in Germany, cruising at 90MPH and sitting upright in perfect comfort. We covered 430 miles that day and, thanks to your windscreen, we were fine at the end of the day. But our companion, who rode a GPz600, was exhausted."

Danielle, Great Britain

George Gatzonis

What Our Customers Say About Our Hand Deflectors

"I am writing in regards to a pair of cold weather Hand Deflectors I recently purchased from your web site and installed on my '07 Harley-Davidson® VRSCR Street Rod®. I am very, very happy to report that they installed rather quickly and work beyond my expectations. You have a great product here!

"Last evening I took the bike for a short (10 mile) ride on some back country roads for the first time this season. It was near dusk and the temperatures were near 40 degrees. The road conditions were not all that good for a high speed run, with loose gravel at nearly every intersection, but I did manage to maintain enough speed to test the effectiveness of these devices and much to my surprise, they worked just great! My hands were warm while the rest of me was not. I can't wait to tell my biker friends about them."

Donald Prindle, Erie Motorcycle Club, Inc.

"I had a pair of your Hand Deflectors on my Honda Valkyrie® that probably saved me from some serious injury. Riding along at 60MPH, I saw this blur to my right that was the head of a deer just as it hit my right Hand Deflector. I already knew that the Deflectors were great at keeping off the rain and cold wind but, in this case, they also protected me from DEER FACE! There was this bang as my Hand Deflector broke off in the collision. The impact also broke off my mirror and rotated my front brake lever at an upward angle. Luckily, the bike didn't go down, but the deer did.

"I ended up with a bruised hand and some minor cuts. It would have been much worse if I had not had the Hand Deflectors installed on my Valkyrie. When my buddy pulled up along side, I asked him about the deer. He said it was lying in the ditch back there. I asked him to retrieve my mirror and when he returned, he said the deer was gone. I hate to think what would have happened to my unprotected hand if I did not have the National Cycle Hand Deflectors. Some serious damage, no doubt. True story!"

Don Edwards

"I ordered a set of your Hand Deflectors for my wife's Harley-Davidson® Fat Boy™. They work like a charm and she loves them. She will be doing a product review in our local H.O.G.® newsletter soon."

Fred, Tennessee

"I just bought and installed a set of National Cycle Hand Deflectors for my 1100 Shadow Spirit, and rode to work. It's 29 degrees this morning, but no problem for me. I ride year round and on days like this I find myself constantly flexing my fingers to keep from freezing. Not now. INCREDIBLE!! I love it. I made the trip (38 miles one way), and didn't even think about my hands.

"This is one of the best investments I've made, and I am going to tell every rider I know or see on the road about your Hand Deflectors. Thank you, thank you!!!"

Alan Sinquefield, Illinois

What Our Customers Say About National Cycle Spotlight Bars

"Thank you very much for the fast service on the replacement lenses for my National Cycle Spotlight Bar's turn signals. I have never enjoyed such fast turnaround anywhere in my entire life. You are very much appreciated."

Mike Cothran

What Our Customers Say About Cruiseliner™ Saddlebags

"I just wanted you to know how much I love my Cruiseliner™ saddlebags! My mechanic put them on today, and I think they look great. They are high quality and have solved my 'how to I carry stuff' problem. Plus, they are a cinch to remove, so I can ride without them when I feel like it. Thanks!"

Cindy Monroe, Kensington, M

"I wanted to send you at National Cycle a few pictures of my 2000 Harley Sportster® XL1200. I have so many people asking about your Cruiseliner™ saddlebags. Yes, I have spent a lot of time customizing my Sportster! As you can tell, I wanted to make this bike a head turner and, thanks to your saddlebags, the package came together great... along with the endless list of things that make this a beautiful custom full-dressed Sportster! Thanks!"

James Fritz, Granville, TN

"Attached are some pics of your Cruiseliner™ saddlebags. I had these custom painted at a local paint shop to match the 100-Year Edition paint job on my 2003 FXD. I get comments from passersbys even in mall parking lots about the good looks of this bike. The bags really add to the look.

"The brackets set these bags out a ways from bike but I don't find it detracts from appearance or functionality. Had to change out the standard tail lights for ones that didn't stick out so far. No major issues with mounting after that, though. Have had these for four years and 35,000 miles now. Have taken them touring for 3-day trips. They're still going strong. You can see from some of these pics that I also added the National Cycle Hand Deflectors.

"Anything looks better than those standard Harley® hard bags for the Dynas!"

Ron Thompson, Arizona

"Just a short note to tell you that I have received a lot of compliments and inquiries about the Cruiseliner™ saddlebags I installed on my Honda VT1100. I took the bike to Daytona Bike Week and we will be attending the Honda Hoot in June. Thanks for making a quality product."


"I am a proud owner of a set of your great Cruiseliner™ bags. I painted them pearl white and silver to match my bike, a 2005 Honda Shadow Aero 750. The bike gets admiring looks from a large range of people. Even Harley riders stop and look. I feel that the bags set my bike apart from the rest. Thanks!"

Ray, Colorado

Cindy Monroe

James Fritz


Ron Thompson

Ron Thompson


What Our Customers Say About Paladin® Accessories

"I wanted to let you know that I was very glad to have your P4011 Paladin® Highway Bars on my bike. I have a Honda VTX1300R, and my wife and I were just starting out on a multi-state road trip. The second morning about 7:00AM we were cruising on the freeway at 70MPH and out of the median ran a deer. There was no time for any evasive action on my part. I hit the deer right in the middle and her momentum kicked the front tire out and we began our slide.

"My wife went off the bike, slid and then rolled many times. I was still with the bike as it slid to a stop (which seemed to last forever). The left side engine guard wore down halfway, but kept the bike up off my leg. My left hand, however, didn't fare so well, as I lost part of a finger and mangled two others. My driving lights ended up inside the deer.

"In reality, we are very lucky to have walked away from this accident.

"Is it possible to just sell me just the left side engine guard? I don't even need any mounting hardware as that is still just fine. I definitely want to put your brand back on my bike as I don't want to take a chance with another product. Yours saved my leg and who knows what else."

Dennis Sylvester, Greenacres, WA

"I normally don't get into complimenting a manufacturer for the quality of motorcycle accessories, though I should, so I am making an exception. I have owned a set of the Paladin® P4010 Highway Bars for about five years now, which I have mounted on my 2002 VTX1800 Retro. These bars have saved my bike from serious damage to the gas tank, fenders, mirrors, handlebars, windshield, etc. on more than one occasion. At least three times, I have had to set the bike down in a gravel parking lot, or in a parking area with depressions, usually because of bad footing. The Paladins prevented all major parts from damage. Recently, I actually crashed pretty hard when entering a gravel parking lot at about 10-15MPH, as the asphalt pavement edge dropped off about five inches right into a 3-inch deep depression. That's like hitting a 7-inch deep pot hole.

"I didn't see it coming. The front shocks bottomed out hard, and the front end buckled under quickly. I tumbled off the bike, only to look back at the bike laying on its side in the gravel. I didn't want to pick it up and look at the damage. I just knew it had to be bad. When my riding buddy and I lifted the bike off the ground, I was amazed to see no damage to the vital parts. The Paladins took all the hit, with exception to the bottom edge of my saddlebags, which miraculously held up quite well. The left side Highway Bar hit hard along the bottom curved edge, and bent backwards about 4 inches, far enough to jam the shift lever. I was able to straighten out the Highway Bar, though it received some ugly scratches, and ride away. That was over 1000 miles from home. I have since replaced the damaged set with a new set of Paladins. I swear by these Highway Bars. They have protected my bike from serious, potentially costly damage.

"Thanks for an excellent product!"

Gene, Maine

What Our Customers Say About Peacemakers® Exhausts

"The 4-inch Peacemakers system has no more overall change than any other slip-on mufflers. The air/fuel ratio difference between open and closed is less than the change you would see by going from a #180 main jet to a #185 main jet. The bigger change in A/F ratio comes from using a high-flow air filter. You need to tune to the air intake first, because the pipes cause little change (I remember learning this back in the '70's).

"Bottom line: you don't need to tune for a difference between open and closed diverter valve positions on the Peacemakers! Just tune it to the 12.8-13.0 to 1 air/fuel ratio at wide open throttle (best power) and you are good to go.

"Congratulations to National Cycle on getting the Peacemakers to have such a small A/F ratio difference between the opened and closed positions. They worked hard to get the change minimized and it shows in the facts."

Rick Botting, Total Fuel Systems

"Just thought you would want to know that I read about your product for the first time in a review in Baggers™ Magazine when I was in Afghanistan. I ordered a 2008 Road King® Classic and made sure to get a Peacemakers® exhausts put on my bike. The shop I used said that they had seen something else like it that rattled a lot. I still went ahead with your pipes because I liked the idea of being able to leave for work around 4:00 or 5:00 in the morning and not wake the whole neighborhood, but still have a great sound when I want it. I have not been disappointed!

"I've ridden over 5,000 miles since May and have been from North Carolina to Illinois and Missouri and down here to Georgia and Alabama. People that know about bikes stop me all the time to ask about the pipes.

"Just want you to know I'm a big fan of the Peacemakers exhausts!"

Paul Wade

"In January of 2000 I bought my first Harley®, a nice shiny black FLHT, and started my new life as a rider.

"From the start I wanted louder pipes, but I live in a mobile home park, and I worked late nights/early morning hours. So to keep the people around me happy, I left the stock mufflers on my bike. If only someone would make an adjustable system. Well, two companies were working on just that. And I followed both of them for about two years. One company, National Cycle, finally came out with the Peacemakers® exhaust system. I just had them installed on my bike in November.

"With the baffles closed, they are not much louder than stock pipes. With the baffles open and at idle, it sounds pretty close to my stock system. But hit the gas and start down the road or the freeway and you will be HEARD. The sound is deep and throaty, just the way all Harleys should sound. But you can still talk to your passenger and hear the radio (if you have one).

"After doing all this, I can't help but wonder why this system is not standard on ALL motorcycles? Just think, I can now ride in any city that is cracking down on loud pipes and not be hassled by the local police, just by flipping a switch!

"I cannot say enough good things about this product. Riding down the road, I feel just a little bit safer knowing I have a little bit better chance of being heard.

"Loud when you want to be. Quiet when you need to be. Best of both worlds for me."

Lou Stabile, California

"I bought a pair of Peacemakers® and I had them installed on my Road King® Classic at Hog Farther in Southport, near where I live.

"Let me tell you, THESE PIPES ARE AWESOME!

"I live in a small village, nice and quiet, but once I'm out, I open my pipes and boy, it feels and sounds great! Also, they have not popped or backfired once. They are amazing! Thanks!"

Tony, United Kingdom

"I just purchased the Peacemakers® exhaust system for my 1999 Dyna Wide Glide®. They sound awesome! I am very pleased. I have to leave for work at 4:45 in the morning, and now I can do it without pissing off my neighbors. Thanks a lot!"


"I just wanted to comment on your Peacemakers® exhausts. I'm recently on my third new Harley-Davidson® motorcycle, a 2007 Dyna Street Bob®. About three weeks ago, I put on a pair of your Peacemakers, and I have to say that theses are the best exhaust mufflers I've ever had on any of my bikes. The deep, throaty rumble is just perfect to the eardrum, but it is not the usual loud and annoying sound of other systems. The quiet mode is perfect, because I work at a hospital and I can just cruise through the parking lot with no complaints. Thanks a million for such a wonderful exhaust system."


"I put the Peacemakers® exhausts on a week ago and they are great. Took the bike to the H-D dealer for my 5,000 mile service and the Peacemakers exhausts were the talk of the shop. The service rep said he had shown them to several people throughout the day and they all thought they were great. Hope they last a long time, because they are nice to have since I work at a high school and ride to work on the bike whenever possible. I roar all the way to work, then quietly slip into the parking lot... it's great!

"Thanks for making a great product."


Paul Wade

What Our Customers Say About National Cycle® Windshield Care Products

"Just started using RainZip® on our trikes. My wife says the clarity of her windshield is awesome! I agree, what a great product. I highly recommend it."

Phil & Anna Gay, Ocala, FL

Phil & Anna Gay