See the New MST and MSTR Motorcycles from Motus!

Presenting the 2014 Motus MST and MSTR. Watch these American-made sport-touring bikes wind their way across the American Southwest. Their windscreens happen to be made by the world's leading manufacturer of motorcycle windshields. That's us, if you haven't already guessed. You can learn more at the Motus web site.

Zodiac Racing Wins SuperTwin Top Fuel FIM European Championship!

Sept. 26, 2013 -- Ronny Aasen, the Norwegian rider of the 1000+ horsepower supercharged Zodiac Nitro Harley, covered the quarter-mile strip in 6.599 seconds at a speed of 214.9 MPH, bringing the European Championship trophy home to Norway. Congratulations on a world-class effort!

The Zodiac SuperTwin Top Fuel drag racing team is proud to use products from Zodiac International B.V., Supertrapp Exhaust Systems, ACCEL Motorcycle Products, Spectro Oils of America, Kibblewhite Precision Machining, National Cycle Windshields, Goodridge Fluid Transfer Systems and Flexion/Gates Belt Drive Systems.

Zodiac Racing Takes Points Lead in European Championship!

Sept. 03, 2013 -- With only one race to go, the Zodiac Racing Team has taken the points lead of the FIM Europe Super Twin Top Fuel Championship. And with two #1 qualifying positions and two final round appearances in three races ridden by two-times European champion Ronny Aasen of Norway, the 1000+ horsepower Nitro Harley of the Dutch/ Norwegian team looks to be both quick, and more and more reliable.

Although flat-out performance was never the issue ever since Ton and Vincent started with their 103-cubic inch (1680cc) supercharged Godfather VII project, consistency was often lacking. So for this year their main focus has been just that. And not without success, hence the two final round appearances and constant 6-second 200+MPH performances.

After qualifying first in Tierp, Sweden and making it to the final in Alastaro, Finland, the Zodiac Racing Team was sharing the first place in the Championship with Samu Kemppianen from Finland. At the Hockenheim Ring's NitrOlympx, the biggest Drag Race in Europe, the team qualified first with a fine 6.59, which was more than 2/10 of a second ahead of #2 qualifier Samu Kemppianen. After a spectacular run with huge header flames in front of 60,000 people at the famous Saturday Night show, the team had a late-nighter getting the bike ready for Sunday's eliminations.

Sunday started very well, cutting through the field with the quickest Elapsed Time in both the first and the second round of eliminations. Sadly a piston ring had broken and with only 40 minutes to get the bike ready for the final, they had no other option then to go out knowing the bike was not in a good shape.

This weekend, September 06-08, the Zodiac Racing Team will be competing at the last race of the year: The prestigious FIA/FIM European Finals held at Santa Pod Raceway, UK. And although they have a firm lead on the rest of the pack, it is not done yet. It will be an exciting race as the top five riders all have a very realistic chance of taking the highly coveted FIM European Championship!

National Cycle Receives 2012 Customer Excellence and Technology Innovation Award!

At a September 2012 special dinner presentation with members of SABIC Americas Inc. and National Cycle Inc., CEO/President Barry Willey was presented with the 2012 Customer Excellence and Technology Innovation Award by Al Tavero, Commercial Leader; Sandeep Darwan, General Manager; and Todd Wilson, Sales Manager.

SABIC, a world leader in providing engineering thermoplastic material solutions, awarded National Cycle for advancing the Lexan® Sheet brand in motorcycle/ATV/UTV windshields and other accessories through innovative technology and product design, while providing excellent customer satisfaction.

National Cycle was the world's first company to produce Lexan polycarbonate motorcycle windshields, now the worldwide industry standard. Today, National Cycle is pushing the envelope with their innovative designs and manufacturing of large canopies and curved windshields for advanced three-wheeled motorcycles and scooters and for the green vehicle such as the MonoTracer MT e150.

Wherever the powersports industry requires an innovative polycarbonate solution, National Cycle will be out in front with world class expertise and capabilities.

Click here to download the Press Release.

Acrylic Windscreens and Birds Don't Mix!

During qualifying laps for this year's Isle of Man TT, Swan Yamaha rider Ian Hutchinson and an errant seagull intersected at 170mph. Ian's acrylic windscreen shattered on impact (note the large piece to the right of the bird) while the seagull suffered a broken wing. The bird was rushed to an animal hospital while Ian completed his lap sans windscreen.

Too bad Ian wasn't using a polycarbonate windscreen when he hit that bird at speed! He would have sustained less damage to his fairing as well as wear and tear on himself.

A Lexan® polycarbonate windscreen wouldn't have shattered into dangerously sharp pieces after impact with the bird. Watch our "Polycarbonate vs Acrylic – YOU Decide" video and see what we've been saying since 1974 when Barry Willey, President and CEO of National Cycle, first pioneered the use of polycarbonate material for use on motorcycles.

If you're going to risk your neck on a motorcycle, at least do it behind a polycarbonate windscreen!

National Cycle's Paul Gomez Introduces
the Quick Release Wave QR® Fairing!

National Cycle's Steve Cihlar Shows How the
Gladiator® Windshield Works!

National Cycle President Barry Willey Wins 2012
Industry Leader of the Year Award at V-Twin Expo!

In honor of his lifelong contributions to motorcycling and the motorcycling industry, and for 75 years at the forefront of motorcycle accessory manufacturing, National Cycle's President Barry Willey was presented with the "Industry Leader of the Year" award at this year's V-Twin Expo in Cincinnati, OH.

American Rider Magazine Tests Installation of
New Gladiator® Windshield with DualPivot™ Mounts

American Rider Magazine recently featured a technical/installation article in their "Products That Work" section on National Cycle's new Gladiator® Windshields for late-model Harley-Davidson® motorcycles.

Download the article below and see how easy life could be with a Gladiator's protection!

National Cycle Gladiator®: Stay Warmer, Be Cooler

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National Cycle Introduces New RainZip® Rain Repellent!

Watch the demo video and see how our new RainZip® Rain Repellent works on motorcycle windshields. It will give you a clearer view of the road ahead!

You can also see these videos on our YouTube Channel:

The Future of Motorcycling Wins $2.5 Million Prize!

So how did they do? Not too bad!

The Peraves E-Tracer handily won the Progressive Insurance Automotive X Prize in the Alternative/Tandem class! That nice little prize comes with a $2,500,000 check attached to it!

Read about the final competition at, with detailed team information here. There is also a good write-up at AutoBlogGreen.

Our congratulations to the Peraves E-Tracer Team!

The Future of Motorcycling Arrives at National Cycle!

It's no secret that the automotive industry is in a scramble. Overlooking the market's desire and the world's need for fuel-efficient (and how about fun?) transportation, the giants in Michigan have been superseded by a foreign underdog. Leading this current of change is the Swiss engineering company, Peraves. Their alternative vehicles, the MonoTracer and the electric version E-Tracer, usher in a new era of the commuter car. Currently, the E-Tracer has made its home at National Cycle where it awaits the second round of judging for the Automotive X Prize and a chance for a part of the $10 Million prize money.

Early on, the president of National Cycle, Barry Willey, recognized Peraves' potential to revolutionize how Americans thought about driving: "Electric vehicles have been talked about for a long time. If they're going to be a viable choice for the consumer, they cannot weigh two tons and be made of steel. We must take advantage of lightweight technology, and the E-Tracer does just that." In November of 2009 he traveled to Switzerland to test drive the MonoTracer himself. Soon after, his company welcomed the world's first high performance cabin motorcycle to the States and wishes it well at the X Prize Competition this summer.

The MonoTracer was unveiled at the 2007 Geneva Auto Show and in 2008 was declared by Time magazine as one of the best inventions of the year. It's not hard to see why. The completely handmade units aim to revolutionize the typical commuter vehicle. With a top speed of 155 MPH, a get-up-and-go BMW K1200LT engine, plus a 52-degree lean angle, the jet-inspired MonoTracer is impossible to dismiss. But here's the best part: the MonoTracer easily achieves over 50 mpg with a cruising speed of 75 mph for an outstanding 600 mile range.

If that sounds good, then get ready to have the dial turned up, because the E-Tracer delivers even more. Covering a distance of 150 miles on a single hour's charge, the fully enclosed cabin motorcycle packs a serious punch. With performance and function in mind, the E-Tracer boasts statistics like 300 MPG, 0-60 in less than 4 seconds and, to top it off, zero emissions. It's powered by 120kg of lithium ion cells that function at a 90% efficiency rate. Compared to modern cars that run at approximately 10% energy efficiency, the E-Tracers sits comfortably at the intersection between Green and Sexy.

Although the Peraves and National Cycle each have different manufacturing histories -- Peraves got its start manufacturing aerobatic competition airplanes -- their futures are aligning. With their common love for innovative, practical solutions, National Cycle and Peraves hope to revitalize the connection between the car and the motorcycle. What truly sets the MonoTracer and its electric twin E-Tracer apart is their ingenious stabilizing system. With the press of a button, the driver can deploy outriggers that serve to aid in difficult driving conditions like snow or dirt, and simultaneously bring confidence to the non-motorcycling crowd. The extra set of wheels appears in less than a half-second and retracts just as fast.

The future of transportation is bright in Maywood, IL, the headquarters of National Cycle. To be a part of the transportation revolution, visit and

ZTechnik Products for BMW Motorcycles Now Available
Direct from National Cycle!

ZTechnik's innovative line of products exclusively for BMW motorcycles are now available for direct sales through this web site. Just go to Products by Bike, select your BMW model, and add the products you want to our shopping cart.

You can also order ZTechnik products by phone. Just call 877-WSCREEN (877-972-7336) or 866-ZTECHNK (866-983-2465), or call 708-343-0400.

Polycarbonate or Acrylic? YOU Decide!

Which manufacturer's windshield would you rather put on your highly engineered motorcycle? Is there a difference in impact resistance? Crack resistance? Scratch resistance?

We took some popular acrylic windshields and subjected them to a battery of tests. We performed the same tests on our hardcoated polycarbonate windshields. We literally threw everything we had at them!

The results may surprise you! Click a button below to watch the video and see for yourself... then YOU decide!

National Cycle Achieves ISO 9001 Certification!

June 10, 2008
For Immediate Release

"I'm proud to announce that as a result of National Cycle's commitment to the industry and the manufacturing of quality motorcycle products, we have achieved another milestone in our 72 year history. National Cycle is now ISO certified by TÜV and SUD to build accessories and parts in the PowerSports marketplace," said Barry Willey, President and CEO of National Cycle, Inc.

ISO 9000 is an international standard that verifies an organization's regulation of quality. This standard's goal is to ensure the customer that their supplier consistently provides products that will be able to meet their needs and expectations. The requirements to obtain the certification are developed and published by ISO, the International Organization for Standardization.

"Our reputation as a leading provider of high quality products and outstanding customer service is further enhanced by achieving ISO certification. Our path forward is clear," Willey added.

National Cycle has made motorcycle accessories since 1937 and also manufactures globally for all major motorcycle companies.

"I'd like to thank all our hardworking employees as well as our valued customers for their support and trust throughout the years. Being awarded this certification further indicates our dedication to our customers and the products we build. It is our continued aim to provide products of the highest quality in all aspects including marketing and design as well as production."

Barry Willey
National Cycle, Inc.

American Bagger Magazine Tests Installation of
SwitchBlade® Windshields and Peacemakers® Exhausts

American Bagger Magazine has featured two "Tech" articles on National Cycle Products: Installing the SwitchBlade® Windshield and Mount System, and installing the Peacemakers® Exhaust System. Both their installations went smoothly... just like they would for you!

Download the Tech articles below, and pick up a copy of American Bagger at your newsstand!

SwitchBlade® Windshields and Mount System Peacemakers® Variable Volume Exhaust System

You can also right-click this icon and choose "Save Link As..."

You can also right-click this icon and choose "Save Link As..."

Peacemakers® Exhausts... the Movie!

Imagine being able to start up your v-twin cruiser for an early morning ride without angering your neighbors. Imagine enjoying a deep, powerful exhaust note without cringing whenever you pass a police officer or school zone.

National Cycle's Peacemakers® Exhausts make those dreams a reality!

Featuring National Cycle's Diverter Valve technology, Peacemakers Exhausts enable the rider to switch back and forth between a "loud mode" and a "quiet mode" on the fly. Be wild and enjoy the low throaty rumble locked inside your v-twin, but then flip the switch to tone it down when needed.

Peacemakers Exhausts are now available for Metric Cruisers! Click here for the latest news release.

Learn more at the Peacemakers web site. You can also see and hear Peacemakers exhausts for yourself, right now – just click a button below to watch the movie or hear an audio sample.

HEAR Peacemakers Audio Samples!

These 20-second sound clips demonstrate how Peacemakers Exhausts sound with the Diverter Valves CLOSED (first 10 seconds) and how they sound with the Diverter Valves OPENED (last 10 seconds).

Peacemakers Audio: N41411 on Harley-Davidson® Fat Boy®
MP3 format | 0:20 | 784KB WAV format | 0:20 | 1.6MB
Peacemakers Audio: N41402 on Harley-Davidson® Road King®
MP3 format | 0:20 | 788KB WAV format | 0:20 | 1.6MB
Peacemakers Audio: N41006 on Honda ® VTX1300
MP3 format | 0:19 | 760KB WAV format | 0:19 | 1.6MB

National Cycle Beaded Heavy Duty™ Featured on
Limited Edition Custom Nostalgia Motorcycles

Rucker Performance Motorcycle Company and Bruce Rossmeyer Harley-Davidson have collaborated to recreate Nostalgia versions of Elvis Presley's 1957 Harley-Davidson® FL.

30 copies of the Nostalgia bike are being built, with details and accessories authentic to the original bike Elvis owned.

One of these authentic details is a National Cycle® Beaded Heavy Duty™ Windshield. But it is more than just authentic in appearance — it's authentic in execution. Elvis's own bike actually sported a Beaded Heavy Duty windshield made by none other than National Cycle.

We've been making the Beaded Heavy Duty windshield since 1940, but the original Pyralin material has now been replaced with tough, hardcoated Lexan® polycarbonate — another innovative first by National Cycle. So now you can have the classic look you want with the modern durability you need.

Write a few dozen #1 hit songs and in 50 years someone will make a nostalgia version of your bike. Or get your nostalgia right now — with a National Cycle Beaded Heavy Duty windshield!

Click on images for detail views

<– National Cycle
Beaded Heavy Duty

Our 1952 Catalog
Cover –>

Beaded Heavy Duty windshields are available with clear, blue or black lower windows, and with an optional vintage-style pointed top. Click here for more information.

Learn more about the limited edition Nostalgia bike here or visit the Rucker Performance or Bruce Rossmeyer Harley-Davidson web site.