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National Cycle's "Polycarbonate vs. Acrylic Challenge" was a SMASH at Indianapolis Dealer Expo!
Video: Polycarbonate or Acrylic? YOU Decide!

Jared Does It Again! Wins #1 Plate!

October 13, 2014
Pamona, CA

Despite Jared's 5th Place finish in the Virginia Mega Mile on August 23 and a 3rd Place in the Springfield Mile on August 31, Bryan Smith #42 took over the Grand National Championship points lead. But Jared's 2nd Place finish in the Calistoga Half Mile on September 27, along with Smith's disqualification in that race, put Jared back in the lead by a slim margin. So he needed a good finish in the season finale in Pamona on October 11.

Bryan Smith won the Pamona Half Mile and Jared came in Fourth Place. But a Fourth Place finish was just good enough to keep the points lead (by just 3 points!) and Jared Mees won his second AMA Pro Racing Grand National Championship.

Final standing at the end of the racing season are:
1. Jared Mees (279 points)
2. Bryan Smith (276 points)
3. Jake Johnson (264 points)

Congratulations to Jared Mees and his outstanding support team for a well-earned Grand National Championship!

Jared Mees Takes Second in 2014 Peoria TT! Leads by Nine Points!

August 17, 2014
Peoria, IL

Jared's Third Place in the Springfield Mile was followed by a Fourth at Knoxville, a First at Allen County, a Second at Hagerstown, a First at Grays Harbor, a Third at Cal Expo, a Fourth at Castle Rock, a Third at Indiana State, and most recently a Second at the Peoria TT.

In other words, Jared has been really consistent this season compared to Bryan Smith and Jake Johnson, who are respectively second and third in the points standings. With Jared's 9-point lead in the series with only four races to go, we predict that the 2012 Grand National Champion will win the Championship again in 2014.

Anything can happen during four races... but we're keeping our fingers crossed.

Visit Jared's Facebook page and let him know you're cheering him on!

Left to right: Jared Mees #9, Henry Wiles #17, Jake Johnson #5

Jared Mees Takes Third in 2014 Springfield Mile!

May 28, 2014
Springfield, IL

On May 23, Jared won both Heat Races, the Dash for Cash, and the Expert Main Event at the Peoria Speedway. He was unstoppable! But the Springfield Mile is its own special kind of monster. On Sunday, May 25, Kawasaki rider Bryan Smith definitely had the beast under control, winning the Dash for Cash and even setting a new track record along the way. After a long hard race, Jared battled his way to Third Place, but was unable to overtake Second Place finisher Kenny Coolbeth Jr. and First Place winner Bryan Smith.

National Cycle is a proud sponsor of Jared Mees #9 and Nichole Mees #15. Good luck in Knoxville on June 15! Faster! Faster! Faster!

Jared Mees and Nichole Mees Join Harley-Davidson® Wreckin' Crew!

May 25, 2014
Milwaukee, WI
Courtesy of Harley-Davidson / Screamin' Eagle Racing

History and fierce competition will be rejoined in 2014 as AMA Pro Flat Track racers Jared Mees and Nichole Mees join Harley-Davidson® Screamin' Eagle® Factory Team rider Brad Baker in the latest incarnation of the Harley-Davidson Wrecking Crew. Jared and Nichole Mees, who are husband and wife, will fly the Harley-Davidson banner while competing on the AMA Pro Grand National Twins series for independent, dealer-owned flat track racing teams with additional support from Harley-Davidson Motor Company.

"Harley-Davidson is proud to have Jared and Nichole joining Brad Baker in representing our brand this season," said Harley-Davidson Racing Manager Kris Schoonover. "Jared is a perennial championship contender and Nichole is always a threat as well. Off the track, they bring integrity and great personality to everything they do. We're excited to work with them this year."

The original Wrecking Crew was the official Harley-Davidson factory team that dominated motorcycle racing in the early 1920s. The modern Wrecking Crew riders compete aboard Harley-Davidson XR750 motorcycles with the same spirit and intensity those original legends brought to the track, and will open the 2014 AMA Pro Grand National Twins season on the historic Springfield Mile on May 25.

Jared Mees
Rogers Racing/Las Vegas Harley-Davidson/Blue Springs Harley-Davidson rider Jared Mees won the AMA Pro Grand National Championship in 2012. He began racing as an AMA Expert in 2003 and has won 13 times in Grand National Twins competition. He won the 2001 AMA Horizon Award. Mees raced as a member of the Harley-Davidson Wrecking Crew from 2006-2009. He is 27 years old.

"With more brands on the track this season, I think bringing back the Wrecking Crew is a great way to help Harley-Davidson stand its ground in flat track racing," said Jared Mees. "I think we'll have some fast XR750 bikes this year, and it will be a lot of fun."

Nichole Mees
Black Hills Harley-Davidson rider Nichole Mees has been racing as an AMA Pro Expert since 2004 and has started 20 Grand National Twins races since 2007. The 27-year-old Michigan native won the Grand National Twins Dash for Cash bonus sprint race at the Springfield Mile in September 2008.

"I'll be running the entire Grand National Twins schedule in 2014, and will be proud to be racing in Harley-Davidson colors this season,"; said Nichole Mees.

After competing against each other since they were teenagers, Jared Mees and Nichole Cheza were married on the front straight of the Springfield Mile in September 2013.

The AMA Pro Grand National Twins schedule includes 12 events on mile and half-mile tracks, culminating with the AMA Pro Flat Track Finals on Oct. 11 at the LA County Fairplex in Pomona, Calif.

Springfield Mile Marriage: Jared Mees and Nichole Cheza Tie the Knot

Sept. 01, 2013
Springfield, IL

After several seasons of racing and romancing, AMA Grand National Champion #1 Jared Mees and AMA Pro Flat Track Racer #15 Nichole Cheza finally got married... on the track at the Springfield Mile before the opening ceremonies and in front of a grandstand full of race fans and well wishers!

Click the image above for a larger view, or watch the video here.

National Cycle wishes a long life of happiness (and racing success) to Jared and Nichole. Congratulations!

Daytona Race Report by Jared Mees

March 22, 2013
Racing Report: Daytona, FL

Daytona is the type of race track where the night before was the night before and the year before was the year before — it is different every time and you never know what can happen. Qualifying was good, I ended up 5th overall and was in the 2nd Heat race. I grabbed the hole shot in the Heat and was looking good until Jethro Halbert went by and started to pull a gap. I ended up 2nd which was good enough to get in the Dash and the Main Event. For the Dash we made a couple of small changes to see if it was the right direction, got the hole shot and put in some solid laps, winning the Dash for Cash. For the Main Event we did not touch much. I got the hole shot but Brad Baker came by pretty soon and then Mikey Rush went by. Mikey was hauling and I knew he was going to catch Brad and put it on him. He put it on the whole field that night and I couldn't be happier for him. I ended up in 3rd by the skin of my teeth. It was a good way to start the season.

The next day, disaster struck. Qualified 14th, putting me in the 2nd Heat. I got the holeshot but Henry Wiles was all over me and got by. I was able to hold on to 2nd place. Things didn't feel the greatest today. For the Dash I decided to switch bikes to see if I could get something to feel better. It felt worse. We went back to the other bike and changed some pretty big things. In the Main I got a great jump but going into turn 3 I got run into and lost of a bunch of positions. From there I tried to gather up what I could but couldn't keep the front end planted underneath me. I struggled the whole race, going backward. It certainly wasn't what we wanted. With the exception of Brad Baker, nobody had two solid nights in Daytona and later we learned about his problem. The next day I unloaded the bikes to wash them and noticed that the front tire was off the bead, wobbling. I am certain this had not helped my situation the night before.

Looking forward to the racing season. Right now we have some time off but after Springfield it will be every weekend. We have started the season off with some good solid points.

Thanks to all the fans and supporters,
Jammin' Jared Mees #1

National Cycle (Finally) Launched on Facebook!

You can now interact with us on our new Facebook page! We also made major updates on our YouTube page, so check them both out and let us know what you think.

Jared Mees Wins 2012 Grand National Championship!

October 13, 2012
AMA Pro Racing Report: Pomona, CA

This just in; the state of California knows how to put on a solid race. For the third and final time this season, AMA Pro Flat Track was back in the golden state in front of an ecstatic crowd. Kenny Coolbeth Jr. (Screaming Eagle Harley-Davidson) got the win in what proved to be a phenomenal grand finale to conclude the 2012 season. When the lights turned on Saturday night at the LA County Fairplex, engines roared throughout the confines of the stadium and the euphoric fans hung on every lap. Though Coolbeth Jr. put on a show to claim his second victory of the year, the real story of the night was Jared Mees (Rogers Racing/Harley-Davidson) as he took home the coveted AMA Pro Harley-Davidson Insurance Grand National Championship presented by and Lucas Oil Number 1 plate.

"The feeling hasn't really sunk in yet," said Mees. "So much hard work and dedication has gone in to this season and it all paid off. I kind of knew where I was at the whole way and was able to bring it home. I really have to thank my team and sponsors for all of their support this year; this was a great team effort."

All of us at National Cycle congratulate Jared on a job well done!

More Grand National Championship coverage at the AMA Pro Flat Track web site.

Jared Mees Wins Expert Singles National Championship!

September 15, 2012
Jared Mees Race Report: Springfield, IL Short Track

Springfield was next, a make-up date from the rained-out Labor Day weekend, with the Short Track on Saturday and the Mile on Sunday. The short track hasn't been the greatest venue for me, but this time I had a different mind set going in. I qualified pretty well and was in the 3rd Heat with Henry Wiles and Sammy Halbert. Sammy was the guy with whom I was battling with for the Singles Championship, and Wiles has been The Man around the Springfield singles races. I knew I had my work cut out for me. I got off to a decent start but was shoved out of the way by Sammy, and then got a red flag right away.

At the restart I jumped out there and was running on the outside of Wiles, holding my line. At the end of the race I almost got by Wiles but ended up in 2nd place, with Halbert having to go to a Semi. In the Dash I got an decent jump but did not ride so well, I was not able to get a clear line. In the Main Event I did not get a good start but managed to move forward, working my way up to 3rd, and almost had a shot at 2nd, but ended the night in 3rd spot on the podium.

With my consistency this season in the Singles, I won the AMA Pro Expert Singles National Championship for 2012. It was a lot of fun preparing the CRF450 Hondas myself and then riding them. I have to thank my friend Craig Pickett for all his help in teaching me how to build my Singles, as well as thanking another friend, former Grand National Racer Steve Beattie, who has helped me a lot with my Singles program. My Twins Program mechanic, Brent Armbruster, is at all the Singles races helping spin the wrenches and dialing me in. With the help of all of them, the concerted effort made my job easier to bring the Singles Championship home.

More Expert Singles Championship coverage at the AMA Pro Flat Track web site.

New Expert Singles Champion No Longer... Single!

September 16, 2012
Jared Mees Race Report: Springfield, IL Mile

This is the day everyone gets pumped about. The track is always awesome and smooth and we have a lot of fun. I fast-qualified and sat on the pole for the 1st Heat Race. My bike was feeling fast and handling good. I got a good jump out of the hole and was able to get by Wiles on the first lap, running my own race. Right at the end JD Beach came up and started racing with me. He is on one of those fast Kawi's, so passing him on the straight a way wasn't in the cards. I managed to stay in 2nd place, putting me in the Dash. In the Dash I got off well and was racing with Jake but then came Bryan Smith who smoked by us in a flash. Bryan won the Dash, Jake was 2nd and I was 3rd.

For the Main Event I knew Bryan was THE guy. I wanted to get out with him and just run on his back tire. Well, it did not work that well. I got off well, and was able to lead a lap but after about four laps I got stuck in 4th and 5th places almost the whole race, unable to pass as the draft was so strong. On the last lap Willie McCoy and Jake Johnson came together and that allowed me to sneak past and grab the last podium spot. Smith won it and Sammy was 2nd. All in all, it was a good weekend. Jake beat me in the Dash and I beat him in the Main so I gained only 1 point on him from the total of 58 points available for both races together. It is very tight with only three races to go.

During Opening Ceremonies I proposed to my long time girlfriend Nichole Cheza, who races against me on the Circuit as #15. Dropping to one knee, having the crowd go nuts, and seeing the surprised look on Nichole's face made it so very special!

Thank you to the fans, family and friends for all your support.

Slidin' with Jared Mees... by National Cycle!

Race Fans: You had your picture taken in Jared Mees's paddock at Indianapolis... now click here to download your photo!

Jared Mees Wins at Hagerstown!

July 7, 2012

Saturday's AMA Pro Harley-Davidson Insurance Grand National Championship presented by and Lucas Oil proved to be a wild and entertaining showdown between several prominent riders. It was a sweltering night under the lights at Hagerstown Speedway for the 31st Annual Hub City Classic but the heat had no effect on Jared Mees (Rogers Racing/Blue Springs Harley-Davidson) as he stole the show and claimed his first victory of the year, increasing his points lead by 15 in the standings.

"My motorcycle was phenomenal, hats off to my team," Mees said. "We didn't change a thing the whole time other than to put gas in it. I just had an all-around brilliant bike."

Mees paced the field most of the day, leading practice and the first qualifying session before dominating the field in Heat 1. Starting from pole position in the night's main event, Mees quickly ran away from the 18-rider field, winning the race in convincing fashion with a 4.200-second margin. He made it clear that he was getting his first win of the season that night and wasn't going to be denied.

"I got off to a decent start – I knew in the dash that Jake Johnson on would be my main competition," Mees continued. "I think it's going to be him and I, neck and neck the rest of the way. I want it real bad and so does he. This is definitely one of my dream races to win, my family comes down here every time, it just feels great."

Congratulations to Jared from National Cycle on another outstanding victory!

National Cycle Celebrates 75th Anniversary at Indianapolis Dealer Expo!

National Cycle continues their 2012 season and their 75th year in business at this year's Indianapolis Dealer Expo.

The end of the event's first day culminated in a hosted champagne party (we get a kick from champagne) attended by our dealers, distributors, industry press and good friends.

More 75th Anniversary news (and, hopefully, more champagne) to come.

National Cycle Celebrates 75th Anniversary at EICMA!

National Cycle kicks off the 2012 season and their 75th year in business at the world famous EICMA motorcycle trade show in Milan, Italy.

Owners Ann and Barry Willey attended along with European Manager Jason Howard, Sales Manager Paul Gomez, and Sales Representative Greg Salgado.

As in years past, National Cycle displayed all their newest products, but this year's booth also featured a "Wall of History" display with photos of the company's progress from 1937 to today. Accompanying the history exhibit were several cases of champagne so that our worldwide dealers and distributors could celebrate with us!

More 75th Anniversary news to come.

Tip to Tip: National Cycle Accessories for Your Bike

Watch the movie and let Steve and Patrick demonstrate how National Cycle has your bike covered from Tip to Tip! Also see a demonstration of Quantum™ hardcoated polycarbonate's scratch resistance and polycarbonate's impact resistance.

Nichole Cheza Sizes Up the New Gladiator® Windshield

Grand National Flat Track Racer #15 Nichole Cheza visited us at Indianapolis Dealer Expo and tried out the view behind our new Gladiator® windshield. We sponsor Nichole and wish her much luck in this year's racing season. Check out her web site and get to know this outstanding motorcycle racer.

Hot Custom Bagger with National Cycle's VStream® Windscreen

Check out this cool custom bagger! Tasteful accessories, mucho chrome and a kick-ass paint job, topped off with National Cycle's N20405 VStream® Windscreen!

Want to see some really great custom work? Head over to Ken's Custom Paint & Graphics in Peoria, IL and click on "Fresh Paint". If you're local, stop in and visit!

The Perfect Custom Bagger Windscreen

"I'm sending you photos of your N20405 VStream® on my custom FLH bagger. VStream blows the competition out of the game. Fair price with class-leading style, performance and quality. By far the best windscreen on the market, period!"
~ Blaine H.

Thanks for the great photos, Blaine! Wish it were mine!

Cruiseliner Saddlebags in the Grand Canyon State

"Here are some pics of your Cruiseliner™ Saddlebags. I had these custom painted at a local paint shop to match the 100-Year Edition paint job on my 2003 FXD. I get comments from passersbys even in mall parking lots about the good looks of this bike. The bags really add to the look.

"The brackets set these bags out a ways from bike but I don't find it detracts from appearance or functionality. Had to change out the standard tail lights for ones that didn't stick out so far. No major issues with mounting after that, though. Have had these for four years and 35,000 miles now. Have taken them touring for 3-day trips. They're still going strong. You can see from some of these pics that I also added the National Cycle Hand Deflectors.
~ Ron T.

These bags look perfect on your bike, Ron! Thanks for sending the great photos.

Proud Shadow Aero Owner and His Cruiseliner Saddlebags

"I am a proud owner of a set of your great Cruiseliner Saddlebags. I painted them pearl white and silver to match my bike, a 2005 Honda Shadow Aero 750. The bike gets admiring looks from a large range of people. Even Harley riders stop and look. I feel that the bags set my bike apart from the rest. Thought you would like a couple of pics."
~ Ray Z.

Thanks for the photos, Ray! You have a bike that you can certainly be proud of. We're glad that our Cruiseliner saddlebags look so good on your Shadow!

Readers: If you have photos of your bikes with our accessories, send them to us and we'll post them here for everyone to see.

National Cycle's "Polycarbonate vs. Acrylic Challenge"
was a SMASH at Indianapolis Dealer Expo!

Part of our booth at the Indianapolis Dealer Expo, just before the doors opened to motorcycle dealers from all over the world. On the right is our "Polycarbonate vs. Acrylic Challenge", a specially constructed display that holds one polycarbonate windshield and one acrylic windshield... and one baseball bat!

A visiting dealer takes a whack at the polycarbonate screen (right) and strikes out. It just won't break! But one swing at the acrylic shield (left) and...

...the pieces go flying. By the end of the weekend, the bottom of the display (above) contained the jagged remnants of over 50 acrylic windshields. Not a single one could stand up to the Polycarbonate vs. Acrylic Challenge!

Broke Bat Mountain! This dealer was determined to break our windshield, but all he could do was break the bat. Polycarbonate strikes back! We didn't bring a spare polycarbonate windshield, but we should have brought a spare baseball bat.

Polycarbonate or Acrylic? YOU Decide!

Which manufacturer's windshield would you rather put on your highly engineered motorcycle? Is there a difference in impact resistance? Crack resistance? Scratch resistance?

We took some popular acrylic windshields and subjected them to a battery of tests. We performed the same tests on our hardcoated polycarbonate windshields. We literally threw everything we had at them!

The results may surprise you! See for yourself... then YOU decide!

You can watch the video, or download it to your desktop, from our News/Video page.

Watch for us at these rallies and events around the country in 2014. Stop by and pick up one of our catalogs, or chat with us, or just take a load off your feet. Everyone is welcome! Sign up for a chance to win a free National Cycle or ZTechnik windshield!

National Cycle / Peacemakers / ZTechnik
2014 Rally, Event & Tradeshow Calendar
Month Dates Event Location Exhibiting
Jan. 2014 17-19 International Motorcycle Shows, Minneapolis, MN The IMS Marketplace National Cycle, ZTechnik
  31-02 International Motorcycle Shows, Cleveland, OH The IMS Marketplace National Cycle, ZTechnik
Feb. 2014 07-09 International Motorcycle Shows, Chicago, IL The IMS Marketplace National Cycle, ZTechnik
  14-16 International Motorcycle Shows, Seattle, WA The IMS Marketplace National Cycle, ZTechnik
Mar. 2014 07-16 Daytona Bike Week,
Daytona, FL
J&P Cycles Destination Daytona National Cycle, ZTechnik
June 2014 02-07 31st Annual Americade,
Lake George, NY
Million Dollar Beach, Booth 139 National Cycle, ZTechnik
  27-29 J&P Cycles Open House, Anamosa, IA Vendor Arcade National Cycle, Peacemakers
July 2014 01-05 Wing Ding 36,
Madison, WI
Expo Hall, Booth 0508-0212 National Cycle
  04-06 BMW Motorrad Days, Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany Booth 28 (Hornig/ZTechnik) ZTechnik
  24-27 BMWMOA 2014 International Rally, St. Paul, MN Booth 44/45 ZTechnik
Aug. 2014 04-101 74th Sturgis Black Hills Classic, Sturgis, SD J&P Cycles Lot National Cycle, Peacemakers
Oct. 2014 01-05 50th Anniversary Intermot, Köln, Germany Hall 6.1, Aisle A, Stand 008 National Cycle, ZTechnik
  16-19 American International Motorcycle Expo, Orlando, FL Stand 1117 National Cycle, ZTechnik
  16-19 Biketoberfest, Daytona, FL J&P Cycles Destination Daytona National Cycle, Peacemakers, ZTechnik
Nov. 2014 06-09 EICMA 72nd International Motorcycle Exhibition, Milan, Italy Hall 14, Stand H76 National Cycle, ZTechnik
  31-02 International Motorcycle Shows, San Mateo, CA The IMS Marketplace National Cycle, ZTechnik
  07-09 International Motorcycle Shows, Scottsdale, AZ The IMS Marketplace National Cycle, ZTechnik
  14-16 International Motorcycle Shows, Long Beach, CA The IMS Marketplace National Cycle, ZTechnik
  21-23 International Motorcycle Shows, Seattle, WA The IMS Marketplace National Cycle, ZTechnik
Dec. 2014 05-07 49th Dealer Expo (Trade Only), Chicago, IL Performance: Booth 916
Off-Road: Booth 1907
National Cycle, ZTechnik
  12-14 International Motorcycle Shows, New York, NY The IMS Marketplace National Cycle, ZTechnik