The company known today as National Cycle, Inc. started
in Chicago, Illinois in 1937 as Nation's Cycle Center. The
company was founded by a young man, Mr. Gordon
Willey (1903-1989), who believed that success in
business required "Total Customer Satisfaction".

This business philosophy was the beginning of a long
and successful tradition. It's a tradition we maintain
today as we continue building the finest motorcycle
windshields and accessories riders can buy.

National Cycle, Inc. is the world leader in windshield
manufacturing, with more distribution than any other
windshield company in the world. We are the OEM
supplier to BMW, Harley-Davidson, Honda, Kawasaki,
Polaris, Suzuki, Triumph, and Yamaha-- companies who
share our philosophy of quality design and manufacturing.

National Cycle has developed more innovations and
holds more patents for the design and production of
windshields than any other company in the industry. We
listen to our customers and work hard to maintain our
leadership position. We are proud that we continue to
design, engineer and manufacture our fine products
at National Cycle, Inc. U.S.A.



We are committed to meeting our internal and external customers' requirements and having a culture of continuous improvement with quality being the responsibility of every employee.



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