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Why Hardcoat Windshields?

Many riders agree that polycarbonate strength is an important benefit, but ask, "What about the clarity of the windshield?" However tough polycarbonate is, it's routinely subjected to surface deterioration from abrasion. Polycarbonate must be hardcoated to be optically clear enough for use as a motorcycle windshield. While most aftermarket companies use acrylic material, some companies use polycarbonate with the the FMR hardcoating developed decades ago.

Windshields will scratch and craze from road debris, the environment, UV exposure and simple daily use. That's why manufacturers protect the surface with FMR hardcoating. But National Cycle has made a "quantum" improvement in the surface hardness of polycarbonate windshields exposed to years of wear.

Introducing Quantum™: the New World Standard

Our exclusive Quantum™ hardcoating has defined the new state-of-the-art standard in windshield scratch resistance and optical clarity. Nothing else compares – this is the toughest hardcoating there is!

What Makes Quantum™ Hardcoated Windshields Better Than the Rest?

Superior Scratch Resistance!

30X more scratch resistance than typical acrylic windshields is saying a lot! Think of it as 30X more miles per windshield.

Even compared to FMR coated polycarbonate, Quantum has 10X better scratch resistance. That's the kind of performance and strength you need from a motorcycle windshield!

Ask your motorcycle dealer to show you our Quantum Scratch Test (shown at right). Try scratching the acrylic sample with the steel wool – it only takes a second. Then try scratching the Quantum hardcoated polycarbonate sample. Keep trying. Your fingertips will start to feel warm from the friction. Then you'll start to sweat. But there still won't be any scratches! Don't feel bad – we had the advantage.

Glare-Free Optics!

Think about riding into the sun at the end of the day, or riding at night with headlights and streetlights lighting up the glare of fine scratches that eventually accumulate on your windshield.

That's not what you want in your line of sight when faced with oncoming traffic!

Quantum™ hardcoating gives your windshield much better optical definition and clarity, and it will stay that way a lot longer!

Ride long and prosper!

NEW! Watch the Quantum™ Hardcoated Windshield Scratch Test Comparison!

Watch the Scratch Test Comparison and see how National Cycle's exclusive Quantum™ hardcoated polycarbonate compares to FMR hardcoated polycarbonate and to typical acrylic!

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Quantum™ Hardcoating from National Cycle

Quantum™ is an exclusive product of National Cycle, Inc.